Shipping Barcode Generator

Hello Everyone!

Has anyone created a Pan X barcode generator?

I am looking to generate a C39 type barcode for shipping purposes.

Thanks in advance.

If you are talking about printing barcodes on a label from Panorama, just create the label and use a barcode font for the barcode portion of the label.

Thank you. That worked well.

There is a C39 barcode font here: I downloaded the .ttf files, copied only these .ttf font files to Library/Fonts folder, and added an asterisk before and after the tracking number (to indicate a C39 barcode is being scanned).

That would be a C39 font.

C39 is perhaps the most common and familiar symbologises for barcodes but may not be the most efficient. If you are printing only numbers for instance, another choice designed just for numbers would be better.

Thank you, I have corrected the typos above.

Perhaps, but it appears that Fedex Freight uses C39, as indicated by the presence of an asterisk at the beginning and end of their pro numbers. Since nearly all of our motor freight is transported by Fedex Freight at this time, C39 seems to work well. I hope to test with other carriers motor freight carriers as well.

FedEx does not use Code 39 but rather a derivation of the Code 128 symbology. The version they use is ‘FedEx 96 Barcode’ or just ‘96’ as it always begins with ‘96’.

A Code 39 can be recognized by the string of ‘Thin Thin Thick Thick Thin’ bars at the beginning and end of the barcode. As FedEx does not use any alpha characters in their barcode, use of Code 39 would be an inefficient choice. Another code that only used numbers would be more efficient.

Yes, and Fedex Freight uses Code 39. See below for an example.