Sharing for another account

When sharing files, adding an Alternate Account allows the account holder to provide access to users on other Panorama accounts. As described in Restricting Server Access this makes it easy to add consultants or others who have their own separate Panorama accounts.

A valuable capability but it seems to put the burden of initiating the sharing on the client.

Other than temporarily changing the account registration to the client’s account, is there a way for a consultant to initiate the sharing under the client’s account?

It’s impossible for me to know just how much I’m asking for here, but it would be nice, as a consultant, to have the ability to toggle my Panorama registration to another temporarily. Working on encrypted files would become enabled.

It also seems that I’m locked out of having an access level other than as a regular user.

You don’t have to tell me that!

It’s a pretty big ask, actually, especially when you consider the security implications.

This is the only way to do it.

Actually, I think maybe you are asking for a way to be logged on to two or more accounts at once. That is pretty much impossible.