Sharing Custom Statements library

What is the best way to transfer changes made to a custom statement across multiple computers?

Whenever I make a change or create a new statement, I grab my custom statements library file and manually copy it into the Libraries folder for each computer? Am I missing something on how to easily transfer these changes in a server environment?


Sorry, no, the library is a single user file and not in any way managed by the server. That could be an interesting idea, but it’s not immediately obvious to me how that would best be done.

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I wonder if you could do it with Apple Configurator. I have never used it, so I could not say myself, but I could imagine it could do that.

I tried uploading the file to the server, for some unknown reason it didn’t upload. I didn’t investigate further.

I will check it out Bruce, thanks!

I don’t know why it didn’t upload. But I don’t think it’s a good idea to make this database shared, the code that loads libraries when Panorama launches is not going to expect a shared database. I mean you could try it, but it definitely wasn’t written or tested with that in mind. I’ve been pondering this over the last 24 hours and it seems like a difficult problem.

If your application has a master file that users always load you could put your custom statements in there.