Shared Database "Not Authorized"

Some time ago – well, a long time ago – I created a shared database and it’s on a server.

Now, when I try make changes to it, a dialog appears like the one attached.

How can I determine which account needs to be added to the server to re-allow access to this database?


I believe that this database has been locked to an account that is different than the one running on the server. It’s only possible to have one account per computer, so the only way to make this work would be to log off and log on with the correct account. There is no way to know what the correct account is if you don’t know it already.

I think you are thinking of the feature that allows more than one account to connect to the server. That is possible, but it does not allow a database that is locked to a particular account to be used on a computer that is logged into a different computer. That is simply not possible, whether a database is single user or shared.

Yeah … that’s what I was afraid of. :frowning:

Also note the typo…canot —> cannot?

Referring to the dialog that Panorama presents to the the user.
Good catch. :slight_smile:

Could it also be that the server name is different now than it was when this database was first shared? :open_mouth: If so, is there a way to “tweak” the database to look at the new server name? :thinking:

Thanks, got it.

No, that would be a different error message that wouldn’t mention the server at all. AGPanoXServer is the correct server name, right?