`setwindow` statement doesn't behave as advertised

I’m reluctant to post this to BitBucket because I get such odd results - I need somebody else to test it as well.

The documentation for setwindow says:

“If the option text is empty (”") the window will appear normal (the parameter can also be completely omitted, which also results in normal window appearance)."

If the parameter is omitted, the statement won’t compile. if the parameter is set to empty, an openform statement produces a form with no palette or scroll bars on my neurotic Mac and it opens an apparently invisible form on my wife’s supposedly healthy Mac. I have been using the two examples from the documentation so please check them first.

There was definitely a bug in regards to the option parameter being empty, I have gone ahead and fixed it.

I cannot duplicate any of your other results, empty text works ok, and the example from the documentation works for me (click on movie to make it clearer).