Setting Field Properties like Panorama 6

I am trying to have Pan X 10.2 react the same way as Pan 6 when I enter or edit a field.

In one form I have Field “First Name” and if I enter or edit and hit return the cursor goes to the next line and I continue to edit the field.

In another Form in the same database in the same Field, “First Name”, a return bounces me out of the field. I have compared to properties of that same field in the two different forms and they are as far as I can tell absolutely identical as far as options.

In the Form where I get bounced out of the field upon a carriage return I can stay in if I hit and hold the option key while doing the carriage return.

What gives?

And has someone tabulated the options in the Text Editor Options that basically will give the same “feel” as Panorama 6.

Also if I am in Data Mode in a Form and say I click the “Last Name” field the field has an Rust Color. If I then go to Graphics Mode and click “First Name” the review the Text Editor Options the field “Last Name” is still highlighted in that Rust Color even though I am no longer in the field.

I am guessing it is a Refresh issue but thought I’s comment on that too.

There still seems random situation where I cannot quit Pan X and either have to “double clutch” around opening and closing forms for it to quit or I must Force Quit. I choose “Quit Panorama” and it asks me if I want to save. I click “yes” and it does not quit.

Transitioning can be a “female dog”.


Sounds like you had set up custom tab order. The code for that is different in Panorama X.

Clicking on a field in graphics mode does not change the selected data field. That can only be done in data mode.

This is a known problem that was mentioned here recently, though I can’t find it right now. If you manually save you’ll then be able to quit, or you can just click on a different record.

Thank you Jim.

Happy New Year!