Settagparameter unquoting numbers

When using settagparameter with a parameter value of stk=“256” the settagparameter statement will change the value to stk=256.

I am assuming it is changing it to a number because it removed the quotes.

Other text only parameters will keep the quotes. How can I keep the parameter quoted even when it is a number?

First of all, there are nu numeric values as far as the settagparameter statement is concerned, all values are text values.

Secondly, the quotes aren’t part of the value, so the value is 256.

The settagparameter statement will add quotes if the value contains spaces or punctuation. Otherwise, there are no quotes. So a single word value has no quotes.


But a multi word value does have quotes.

color="Light Blue"

Since there are no spaces in 256, no quotes are used.

If you need to keep a collection of values of different data types (text, numbers, etc.), I would recommend looking into Data Dictionaries.

Hi Jim,

Thank you! That makes sense.

Hope you are doing well.