Setservervariable not changing server variable

I am trying to change the information in a server variable but it won’t change. Lets say I have a server variable named SV1 and a file global named FG1. I want to change the info in SV1 to what is in FG1. I am using:

setservervariable “”, SV1,«FG1»

The procedure seems to be working but the information isn’t changing. It should, right?

I don’t see anything obviously wrong with the code you have posted.

What is the code you are using to check what the value is?

I use:

bigmessage SV1 or an empty field = SV1

It also shows up on forms that use SV1 as the old info.

You have to use the servervariable( function to access the value of a server variable. Please consult the documentation.

Thank you Jim. I was able to get the server variable to display the updated info, however it still wasn’t displaying the new information on the form. I handled it another way though.

If you used the servervariable( function directly in a form object, you would need to come up with some way to update that object when you think the server variable value has changed. A technique I often use is with a dummy variable. Set your Text Display formula like this.


When you want the Text Display object to update, use this code.

showvariables displayServerVariable

Note that the variable displayServerVariable is never defined, and has no value. It’s only a placeholder that allows you to force the Text Display object to redisplay.

Thanks again.