ServerUpdate longevity

If ServerUpdate “false” is invoked in a procedure and for some reason it’s not deliberately set back to “true”, is updating re-established when the procedure ends?

I’m not sure what you’re working on, but ServerUpdate “off” always reverts to “on” after a procedure is complete. At least it did in Panorama 6/Enterprise.

In Pan 6 I also found that I needed to set it Off, or False, multiple times in some procedures in order to get it to stay off until the procedure ended. So I would prefer to know if the intent is that it takes care of itself if I somehow fail to.

Based on the Panorama X source code, it is intended that serverupdate is always enabled when all running procedures are complete, or when the active window changes.

Note that it’s “all running procedures are complete”, not “the procedure that disabled serverupdate is complete”. Let’s suppose procedure Alpha calls procedure Beta, then procedure Beta disables serverupdate and doesn’t turn it back on again. It will remain off until procedure Alpha finishes (unless the code in Alpha explicitly turns it off).

Also, suppose you have code like this:

serverupdate "off"
window "Any Other Window"
// serverupdate is back ON AGAIN!!!

I’m not sure if Panorama 6 did the same thing, but perhaps that’s why you needed to set it off multiple times.

In general, you should leave serverupdate off the absolute minimum time necessary.