Server stopped + Not logged in

When I attempted to make use of a shared file, I received the message telling me that the file was not open on the server. I remoted in to the server and in fact, the server was stopped. When I pressed the Start button, instead of it just starting up like typically happens, I received a message stating that it could not as there was not registered account logged in. I had received something like this before, weeks ago. Clicking on the General tab to find the Log In page for my account fixed the current problem. I did not find the correct place to even see the logged in account, but I did receive a message that caused me to think all was ok. I then went to the Server tab, and pressed the Start button, and it started up without any further error message.

Sorry for the lack of actual text in the messages but too often, when this stuff happens, I am in a mode to get it going again as there is a real need to connect.

There is nothing about logging into the account in the General preference tab, or any preferences tab. Logging on is taken care of in the separate Site License window.

Was the server computer upgraded to macOS 12.3? Do you run RapidWeaver+Stacks on that computer? As was recently established, there was a bug with that combination that causes all preferences for all applications to fail. This would cause Panorama X to think that it is not logged on.

I totally get that that would not get me to the registration screen. I was just sharing that merely going to the General tab did then cause a new dialog that made me think it was corrected and I then went back to the Server tab, pressed Start and all was then good. I did not think it made sense but it happened.

The server is running Monterey 12.1. There is nothing running on my servers other than Panorama Enterprise or Panorama X Server Pro (each on different machines.)

I’m gunna try really hard to remember to do screen shots as my memory is fading. Especially for these ‘Huh? What?’ situations.