Server not responding?

I’ve searched all over the web to no avail. Our Mac Mini turned off this morning, and when it was restarted no one could connect to the server. All of the settings seem to be exactly the same. I’ve experimented with turning Local Network off and forcing TCP/IP, I’ve done the opposite and forced Apple Events. I’ve restarted numerous times, and between each step. All that I get is an error saying there is no response from the server when I try to open a networked database, administrate a server, etc.
My exact error when trying to administrate the server is:

ERROR: Could not connect with server. (No response from server Server A status=“No response from server Server A”)

I can ping the IP address of the server and it’s fine. I can screen share with it from the same computer on which Panorama says it can’t get the server to respond.

What is going wrong, and how can I get connected again? Thank you so much for any insight.

If this happened to me, I would check to see if the server software was running normally on the server. If true, that would cause the symptoms you described.

I just opened Pan 6 up on the server computer and found a few odd things. If I open the Available Servers Wizard, Server A doesn’t show. It takes a few (3-5 refreshes) for it to pop up. I connected via Apple Events and was successful. I can’t connect via TCP/IP.

We’ve never been able to connect via Apple Events on most of our computers (normally after some software upgrade it would stop working and TCP/IP would work flawlessly), but does this mean I should try to get all of our computers to connect via Apple Events one by one, or does this in some other way diagnose my problem(s)?

Thank you!! At least there’s now one way to edit networked databases…