Server Not Closing Connections

Not sure if this is the right title for this, but the most persistent problem we have seen in testing is the server not closing the connection to a user-it leaves what I am calling a phantom connection. Here are screen shots showing that connections are open for three databases, but there are no sessions open. None of the client computers have Panorama open. This is a problem if I want to update a database, although that is the only problem I specifically know of. The only solution I have found is to stop and start the server.
I have not figured out what causes this condition, but I suspect it can occur if a computer crashes.

Did you manually terminate a session? I know that that can leave phantom locked records, that is on my list (I have already made it possible to manually clear phantom locked records one-by-one, but terminating a session should do that for you, but doesn’t yet). I don’t think I’ve seen phantom open connections like this after a terminated session, but I’ll look at that closely when I’m fixing the locked records problem.

If you mean using Force Quit, yes I have done that at times, but whether that led to the problem, I am not sure. I will see if I can pin this down more definitely.

No, I’m not exactly talking about Force Quit. I’m talking about the process described in Forcing a Session to Close at the very bottom of the Server Administration documentation page.

If you have to Force Quit a client, then generally you would have to go thru this process to get rid of the phantom session left by the client. Since your Session list is empty, I was thinking you probably did that, just wanted to verify. I know that manually forcing the session to close is not completely working, it gets rid of the session but doesn’t unlock any records locked by the session, and based on your report I suspect it also leaves a record of the session associated with the database itself.

If you didn’t manually force the session to close, then I’m wondering why the leftover session isn’t being listed.

I did not use Terminate the session today before making the screen shots. I closed all the client databases and quit Panorama on each one, and was left with the phantom connection. I plan to monitor this more carefully so I can check on the effect of crashes or terminating sessions, or a client losing the connection. My computer can definitely lose the connection since the VPN connection may be closed. I have wondered what happens if a client goes to sleep but haven’t tried to figure it out.

I have found in an office setting that it is impossible to get everyone to quit Panorama at the end of the day. I have thought about setting up a timer that would quit at a certain time, although I am not sure how much control I can get this way.