Server Log after deleting a record

I wondered what the server log would show when I deleted a record. I did that and got these entries:

default 12:04:24.151556-0500 PanoramaX [TIME: 12:04 PM]
default 12:04:24.163240-0500 PanoramaX [_serverDELETERECORD] actualDatabaseName: SD Matters, targetIDNumber: 7937
default 12:04:24.177695-0500 PanoramaX [_serverDELETERECORD] Record deleted - newTimeStamp: 2905
default 12:04:24.191370-0500 PanoramaX [_serverDELETERECORD] Deleted Records: 12

Should I be worried about the last line? It seems to suggest that 12 records were deleted.

No, it is saying that 12 records in total have been deleted since the database was first shared, or since the last time the data was uploaded via a new sharing generation.

Okay. Thanks.

Keep in mind that that is an instrumentation log, it’s for debugging. So it has all kinds of extraneous information. Often one has to look at the source code to understand what is in the instrumentation log. It’s not designed to be understandable on it’s own.

There is also the server logs enabled in the Logging preference panels. At the moment, these aren’t very informative, but over the past 10 days I have been revamping them to make them a much more useful tool on their own.