Server Has Incorrect Number of Connections Showing

A few times I have had the server showing more connections that actually exist. I guess that at some time recently, a database closed on a client but the server did not decrease the number of connections showing. Here is a screen shot of the Server Administration windows showing the discrepancy after closing Panorama on all the clients. I cannot tell you exactly when the discrepancy arose, but will try to catch it if it recurs.

If I now open the file with the wrong count, it increases by one on each window, so it still off by one. The discrepancy prevents me from uploading a new generation. Not sure if there are any other consequences.

Please double check that all clients you are using have been updated to the latest b5 version. The problem you are describing was a symptom of earlier versions. If it is still happening then there is some additional fix needed, but your description exactly matches the problem that was fixed.

All the client and server computers are running b5. I have not been able to reproduce the issue since posting about the issue.