Server b30 on Ventura

On the server itself, I’m unable to get anything to display under Databases in Server Administration. For all but one other server, the bottom of the window shows that serverPublicDatabases does not exist and uptime is shown as unknown. For one remote server the panel displays all of this info properly. Toggling between the correctly displayed list and others still displays serverPublicDatabases as non-existent on all but the one.

On a second computer, also running Ventura, the list works randomly. I’ll get the lists or I’ll get the errors, but later the results vary from one server to another.

On my server running Ventura, Panorama fails to relaunch Pan Server automatically. Set for web serving, Pan Server goes down constantly without an obvious cause. I’ve come to suspect that Automatic Relaunch may be the culprit. When I have it disabled, Server seems to stay up. When enabled, Server keeps quitting while idle.

One web hit after another doesn’t seem to have any negative influence. In fact it seems to stay up if the hits are steady.

Because Panorama wouldn’t relaunch Server, I reenabled my ServerMonitor database and had it set to check every 30 seconds. At that point it was relaunching Server on every check. WIth Panorama’s Automatic Relaunch off and my ServerMonitor off, Server has stayed up during the time I’ve been writing this. That’s exceptional by my experience with Ventura and b30, thus my suspicion of the checks being the issue that is causing Server to quit.

Just now, after running for quite a while without quitting, it quit immediately when I tried to check Databases in Server Administration, via Panorama on the server.

Back in Databases in Server Administration on the second computer, the list for my local server is now appearing and can be checked without issues. Yet if I try the same on the server itself, it quits immediately.

I’ve been able to repeat this pattern. Web hits are no issue, nor are long pauses between them. Anything in which I have Panorama on the server check on Server leads to Server quitting.

It seems to be more evidence that it’s Panorama’s communication with Pan Server that is causing the quits.

I have reinstalled Panorama after deleting all related preference files and there was no change in this behavior.

With all monitoring off and all Server Admin type processes run from another computer, my server has stayed up all day. Minutes after turning the Automatic Relaunch back on, Server went down.