Server Administration - Databases

When running multiple servers they appear as a list in the Available Servers list. Double-clicking on a listed server or highlighting it and choosing Databases lists the databases on the server. All good.

However, if a server is offline or simply failed to be reached, the list in the Database panel continues to be from the last server that was reached. This can be confusing or even misleading if they have similar sets of files.

It would be good to have the list cleared then reloaded each time a server is selected.

I don’t know what you mean. As soon as I shut a server down I see this in the Databases panel:

If I look at one server, then move to check another and it’s offline or unreachable, the list from the previous server is displayed in Databases.

I still can’t duplicate this, but I think that’s because I don’t know how to make a server error that doesn’t occur immediately. I think if you wait long enough (probably 60 seconds) then you’ll see the error message. I’ve made a change that I think will fix this for you (the list is now cleared immediately when switching servers), but since I can’t duplicate it I can’t fully test it. You’ll have to try it when b30 is released, but I’m 98% confident that the problem is now resolved.