Selections with seq( not working as expected

in pan6, if some subset of a db is selected that doesn’t include the first record of the entire db, and you do
    selectwithin seq() = 1
you get the first record of the subset.

however, under the same conditions, panx selects the entire db.
if the initial subset includes the first record of the entire db, you get just the first record.

I’ve just created a Bitbucket issue for this.

I read through this Bitbucket issue and you indicate that seq() now works within groups, so that each group would start from 1 and count onward. That does not seem to be the case with my column. I divided my events into separate event groups by name, went to a number field called “eventorder” and morphed the formula seq(). I get 1 on, with no restart for the next group.

I am probably doing something wrong. When I did the same thing in Pan 6, each group within would start from 1 and count up.

Morphing the formula seq() is the same as doing a FormulaFill with that formula. That has always continued the sequence all the way to the end. It’s the Sequence command that is supposed to restart with each group. In the Morph dialog, you get that with “Start with Group Sequence.”

Ok, thanks Dave. Did not see that one.