Selecting & modifying groups based on 1st group data

I’m constructing a procedure to modify some fields and I think my best way to approach this is to be able to identify a cell in the first record of a group (after a Group Up). So basically I think I want:
Group Up
Select all groups where a particular cell (call it Score) in the first record is < 80
Sequence "2 1"
Then move on to the next group until all groups are dealt with

Thanks in advance,

The best procedure I can think of is the one I suggested on the QNA. See my response at


I never saw that response Dave, thanks! I’ll work on that idea and let you know how it works.


Thanks for the help. I incorporated your routine with mine and it all works perfectly. If anyone is curious this is the section of the procedure that deals with this problem:

;change first places <80 to 2nd
; field combo is the temporary field
Field combo
FormulaFill ?(Place=1,?(Total < 80,"","#"),"")
Select «» = "
Field "Class"
Field "Place"
Sequence "2 1"
RemoveSummaries “7”
;do not allow any places greater than 3
FormulaFill ?(Place>3,zeroblank(0),Place)
First record