Selecting empty numeric cells

I’ve got a numeric field. Some cells are empty. Some cells have a value of 0 in them. Other cells have various other numeric values in them. Is there a way to select only the blank (empty) numeric cells without also selecting those with a value of 0?

Select(MyField = 0) selects blank cells as well as cells with 0 in them
Select(Str(MyField) = “0”) selects blank cells as well as cells with 0 in them
Select(Str(MyField) = “”) doesn’t select anything

There is a complicated way to do what I’m after: what I do is FIRST convert the entire field to a string field. Then select blank/empty cells. Then concert back to numeric. It seems when converting a numeric field to a string field, Panorama doesn’t put “0” strings into the cells if blank.

Perhaps there is a method of detecting empty cells vs. cells with a value of 0 in them while the field is still numeric? Any ideas?

FYI… I’m still using Pan 6 for this project, so if this changed in Pan X, suppose that might be different. Thanks!

The sizeof( function tells you how much memory the data in a cell occupies. An integer 0 uses 1 byte. A floating point zero uses 8 bytes. An empty cell uses 0 bytes.

Select sizeof("MyField")=0

Note, the fieldname is quoted, because it’s the field itself that is the parameter, not its content. The function is returning meta data about the field itself.

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Brilliant, @dave I knew Panorama could do anything. Just every now and then it takes a moment to figure out how. Appreciate your help. I am using this now to select only fields that have something in them including 0 but not blank fields: