Selecting a html tag by its parameter

If I have a html tag like

<div id="1234"> Some Content </div>

that is in the middle of a web page how can I select that tag along with all of its content and then replace back in the same spot in the html code with new improved content?

Also, is there an undocumented statement like htmlformitemnames PAGE, ELEMENTS
to return the form item values? I know there will be when Panorama X server is released.

Check out the settagdata statement.

In your example it would something like:

settagdata theHTMLtext,"<div id=1234>","</div>","Other Stuff"

That is not something that would be needed for the server, so no, I wouldn’t expect such a statement. The server doesn’t ever handle the page HTML, so a statement like that wouldn’t be needed (or helpful) for processing form items. On the server the webformitems... statements and functions are used.

At the moment, I can’t even remember why I created the htmlformitemnames statement. I’m sure I had a reason – I was thinking maybe it is used by the CGI simulator, but I searched the source code and that’s not it, nor is it used by the Web Form Converter. As far as I can see this statement isn’t used by any of my code anywhere. Perhaps some sort of dead end, I simply can’t remember after more than a dozen years.

Thank you Gary,

So how would I get the form items values if my div example contained a form? This would be with out the server.

If you are not using a server, how is the form getting filled in?

I am using the webbrowserobject for some interface coolness. I figured out a way that Panorama X can listen to the webbrowserobject and based on what it hears it can take the html form item values to update the database. That is assuming I can grab those values from the webformobjects html

Ok, I’m glad I asked. In that case, I would suggest using JavaScript to grab the the item values. That’s a standard JavaScript thing that you should be able to find in JavaScript books and/or tutorials. (I don’t remember the details as I have done anything like that in 15 years, but I know it can be done quite easily.)