Select entries from other databases and put their ID into a field of a new record

Hi all!

I have a MySQL database I would like to convert to panoramaX and use it here.
The ERM looks like this:

Now, I want to create a form, in which I can first select a «klasse»
Second: I’d like to select a semester
Third: A list of the selected class’ tasks («auftraege») belonging to the selected semester should appear.
Forth: A list (or popup menu) of the persons belonging to this class should appear.
Fifth: when I create a new row in the database «feedbacks», I should be able to select a class’s, a semester’s, and a person’s name and this should trigger a procedure entering those entities’ IDs in the respective fields of a new entry in the database «feedback».

Usually, I program procedures like this in PHP using a MySQL database. When I saw Panorama’s ads, I thought, it could be faster and simpler to do this in PanoramaX – but I have no Idea, where I can find the information needed to learn, how to do it.

Thanks for any advice
and kind regards!

This help page should get you on the right track.

Also this one.

Thank you very much! I’ll read those tutorials again – and more closely :slight_smile: