Select data does not work

Hello Friends,
I have a database with a field named “WedAnniversary”.
Several of the entries would have the word “October” in it.
I have created a procedure that simply selects records with “October” in it.
Below is the procedure:
Select «WedAnniversary» Contains "October"
It does not select anything.

What am I doing wrong?

Is WedAnniversary a text field, or a date field?

I have never tried this before attached a screenshot. I hope it works. I am pretty sure it is a text field.

A date is a number. It doesn’t contain the name of any month. Try

Select datepattern(WedAniversary,"Month") contains "October"

Thanks Dave,
I cut and pasted the line into the procedure and it did not work. Then I realized that your “Anniversary” only had one “n” in it. As soon as I made it “Anniversary” it worked great.
This forum is great. Thanks for the help Dave.