Select data according to a list

I’m hoping Pan X has a slick way to do this. Maybe Pan 6 does this as well, but I’m drawing a blank on how to proceed.

I have an Invoice database with 14 line items per record. Often I have occasion to search a date range of Invoices looking for the presence of a particular product, and it could appear on any line item. It’s easy enough to retrieve the invoices in a date range, and lineitemarrays make it very efficient. I can construct a list or array of the Invoice numbers that contain this item as I process the records, but I’m stuck trying to build a Select command that would then select just those invoices for view. I can think of 2 different ways to do this, but neither is the least bit elegant and I wonder if there is a better way.

One way:

Select «Invoice» = list_item_1 or «Invoice» = list_item_2 or ...

(this could be a long list)

Another way:

Select «Invoice» = list_item_1
SelectAdditional «Invoice» = list_item_2

The list_item could be an array or any other construct that I can build as I parse the original date range data. Is there a way I can use this array or another form of list in a one-step Select statement, something like:

Select «Invoice» = list_item_array

The «Invoice» field is numeric.

See page 414 of the Formulas & Programming.pdf under “Help”, specifically “Exporting Line Items as Separate Records”. Basically, you can make all the line items in multiple invoices into individual records for easy manipulating and selecting.

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If the list items are in a carriage return separated text array in a variable named listitems, I believe this will do the trick.

select arraycontains(listitems,str(Invoice),cr())

Jim, there is some logic in your solution that would have escaped me for a long time. This is why we keep you around!:grinning: It does exactly what I wanted.

By the way, I indented the code sections in my original post 4 spaces, expecting it to “look like code” like it does in your post. Oh, maybe I discovered this earlier - the code lines have to be separated from other text before and after with a blank line? Is that the rule?

Yes. And to make sure I was correct about this, I went back and corrected your original post :slight_smile:

I was hoping there was some reason!

You mentioned in another post a while ago a more automated way to indent a section of code, by selecting it and … doing something.

In Panorama, you can do this by pressing Command-]. This also works in BBEdit, Xcode, and probably some other programming editors. Press Command-[ to unindent. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work in the Discourse editor (of course a web based editor has no way to work with command keys). Often I’ll copy the text to one of these editors just to do the indent.