Select character and move to end of previous field

I have two text fields, the first is a name field the second is a telephone number field. The end letter or punctuation mark of some records in first field have carried forward to the beginning of the second field. How can I select the records in the second field that begin with a letter or punctuation and move it over the the end of the record in the first field?

How would you work this out in Panorama X?

Assuming your phone numbers are strictly numerals:

NameField = NameField+StripToAlpha(PhoneField)

Yes, the telephone field is strictly numerals in a text field. I ran the formula but I get a type mismatch error: numeric argument used when text was expected.

I think you were probably doing a formula fill, and using Jim’s entire expression as the formula. In that context, the = sign would have been treated as a comparison operator, returning a number (minus one or zero). If you are doing a formula fill, just use the part to the right of the = sign.

Here is a variation to formula fill both fields. First the Name field is reunited with any wayward letter from the end of the name that was put at the beginning of the Phone field. And in the second formulafill the Phone field is stripped of any erroneous beginning alpha characters.

Field «Name»
Formulafill ?(«Phone»[1;1] = striptonum(«Phone»[1;1]),«Name»,«Name»+«Phone»[1;1])
Field Phone
Formulafill «Phone»["0-9",-1]

Thank you all. Gary’s solution worked best as it included punctuation to be added to the end of the Name field.