Select All dimmed after clicking on Matrix or Text List

I’m wondering why the Select All menu item is dimmed for certain forms.

I have a simple form with a Matrix object, and all my fields as Text Editor objects. When this form is in front, Select All is always dimmed, and cmd-A just bonks. If I bring the Data Sheet forward, I can choose Select All.

If I switch my form to Graphics Mode, then back to Data, the Select All becomes active, UNTIL I click on my Matrix. Select All then goes dim. This is with a subset selected.

OS 10.14.5
Pan X 10.1.2

I have no idea. Have never seen this, never heard of this, certainly does not sound like correct operation. If you want to compress your database to a zip file and send it to support at provue dot com we can see if we can duplicate that here and investigate further.

I take this back, I was able to duplicate this when using either a Text List or Matrix with the database navigation option enabled and a search field attached to the Text List or Matrix. This is a bit tricky because in this situation even if it did work the Select All command isn’t operating on the Text List or Matrix, which is probably what the user would expect. I’ve added this to the issue tracker.