Security Suggestion/Wish

As I work on a single-user database of sensitive, personal information I find myself wishing for some of the security available on shared files.

While my computer itself provides a lot of protection, it occurred to me that there are potential opportunities for copies of the file to become vulnerable, such as on redundant backup drives.

It would be nice to have the ability to lock it to my account or to set encryption such as I can do with shared databases.

This isn’t limited to shared files. I made a copy of a single user file, and set data encryption on one file, but not the other.

This is what their data.archive files look like.

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Dave is correct, the security features work for any database, and always have.

It is easy to import the data from a backup copy into a new database so no data security there. One trick is to back up the file with only a blank summary record selected. Pan only imports selected records.

If you aren’t authorized to open the file, you can’t import data from it either.

(written a week ago but apparently never posted)

Wow, I never saw a feature get added so fast that it was there before I could ask.

Actually, it’s a bit embarrassing. I swear that I looked at length before posting and couldn’t find it. Database Options seems like the most obvious place for it too. Brain fog?

My memory was that in the past I had to do something to make the Security panel appear, and I thought it had been once the file was shared.

One thing that confused me about it, is that the Security panel is not always present. Apparently once a file is shared, it’s no longer available.

This is for the same reason that you can’t add or remove fields when a file is shared. You have to do a critical sharing generation if you want to change the security settings. This ensures that all copies of the database have the same security settings.