Searching blueprints

The Open View window, which agreed is a significant enhancement to the P6 View window, does not appear to allow searches of blueprints. I can see why: it would be slow as there may be very many blueprints, and each is wordy.

Is there a way of searching them? This isn’t academic — I want to look for all objects using a certain font.

David Duncan

Not from inside Panorama. However, if you use the File>Export>Blueprint command, Panorama will create a package that contains all of the blueprints for that database. You could then use a tool like BBEdit or TextWrangler to search the blueprints.

By the way, blueprints aren’t searched by Open View because they don’t in fact exist – they are generated on the fly when you open the blueprint window.

However, you could write a procedure that searched for all objects with a certain font. Panorama procedures have access to all of that information. In fact, blueprints are generated by Panorama procedures that you can look at. Just open the Open View dialog, make sure +Libraries is enabled, and search for blueprint.

I also did a class about programming objects in forms. Let’s see, it’s #22, Form Programming.

That’s brilliant!