Search/Select corruption on active Text Editor Object

I found a strange behavior today that ends up corrupting the find/select dialog.

Normally, when typing your search in a find/select dialog, the list updates automatically to display matches. This works fine if you start the search clicking the visible records bar and then clicking Find/Select or using the menu Edit, Find, Find…

However, if I bring the search dialog from the Search menu Find/Select, while the text editor object is active, the list no longer updates when typing, and the other methods won’t work anymore as expected. A Panorama restart is needed to restore it.

In a more severe case, I have a database that no longer selects the data when this happens. I already restarted panorama, deleted the preferences file and restarted the computer. The problem persists.

I cannot duplicate this problem. The Find/Select dialog works no matter how I trigger it, whether a text editor object is active or not.

However, in reviewing the code, I see that Panorama does not automatically close the text editor object when the Find/Select dialog is opened. I have just now modified the code to do this. In my tests this doesn’t change anything, it works either way, but hopefully this change will solve the problem for you.

I’ll check it out once we have an update and report back. Thanks!

With an active Text Editor, when I choose Find/Select the dialog opens with 0 matches. As soon as I type any letter that is contained in the field it shows that all records are matching, even those that are empty. A second letter changes nothing. When I get to the third letter it’s back to no matches even though there should be many; all had been showing at 2 letters.

If I start with a letter that is not contained in the field, it correctly shows no matches.

If I ignore what the dialog displays and click Select, the correct selection is made.

Quitting and reopening restores proper updates in the dialog, including if I active the Text Editor and close it again before searching. But again, trying to search with the Text Editor active, the dialog does not properly display matches.

FWIW, I’m on Monterey

I’m reproducing James’s report in Mojave.

Related to this issue with Searching when a Text Editor Object is active.

When the field assigned to the text editor contains code in the field’s properties, Panorama Crashes if the search dialog is invoked from the Visible Records bar at the top of the form while the text editor is active.

I can’t duplicate this. However, that may be because I’ve already made a change based on your earlier report.

Jim, unfortunately, this is still happening in b30. Do you have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot it?

I came across this unresolved issue, and I might have more information on how to reproduce it.

To back up a little, the specific issue is that the search dialog becomes corrupted, if the search dialog is triggered when a Text Editor Object is active, or a field in the Data Sheet is active. The search dialog is then corrupted, but only for the involved field. To resolve the issue, PanX needs to be restarted.

Well, I discovered today that this only affects fields that are related with another database. In other words, another database related to the current one contains a field with the same name.

Hopefully this helps in reproducing the problem, which prevents me from searching any of the related fields. Note that the search dialog works properly if the dialog is triggered when the TEO is not active, as long as it has not already been corrupted.

Unfortunately, I still can’t reproduce this issue.