Search key field in inview

Hello, my name is Heather and I am a long time user of the software. I represent photographers and have used the software to help track clients and create estimates.

We now have a client that would like access to some of the keywords that we have entered into the SEARCH KEY field on the Contact Data Record. I have tried to export it but that field does not show up on the DATA SHEET.

I also understand that Inview is no longer supported so what do you suggest we do to handle this? We would be willing to hire someone to help if that is an option. We have about 10,000 contacts that our client would like access to this information for.

Thank you so much. We appreciate any information.



P.S. We are on version 6.0

Hi Heather,

I am a developer of parts of InView and have done tech support for it for decades. I should be able to help. You can reach me at

Jeff Cook


Thank you so much for getting back to me. We will engage with our export next week and keep you posted. It is so great to know we have help. We LOVE inview and used it forever!

Hope you are well.