Scroll Position of a Text List object?

If I have more text that can fit in the text list object, then I can scroll down to see more lines. Is there any way to find out the scroll position? I vaguely recall that there are Object properties that do not show up in the Blueprint, and this seems to be one.
I have noticed that if I rebuilt a matrix that is displayed in a text list, the list keeps the same scroll position and does not simply return to the top. This I find is very useful. But if I want to programmatically force the text list to scroll back to the top, or to some other position, I don’t see a way to do that.

I think you’re looking for info(“scrollpoint”). There’s also info(“verticalscrollbar”) and info(“horizontalscrollbar”)

Those aren’t actual properties of the Object so they won’t show in the Blueprint. The scroll bar itself is the property.

No, those are for the scroll position of the entire form, not for an object within the form.

I’m not sure whether what Tom is asking for is possible at the moment. I’m on a secondary computer right now and don’t have access to the source code.