Scroll not working in SuperGetText

The following does not produce a scroll bar on the SuperGetText window:
supergettext email,{caption=“Edit message.” height=80% width=8in buttons=“Ok;Cancel” scroll=yes }

Should it work?

I tested it here, and even when I pre-fill the variable with a lot of text, I am not getting a scroll bar, and a thin scrollbar neither.

I notice that it will work if I change line 366 of the SuperGetText procedure from:

changeobjects "#VERTICAL SCROLL BAR",-1


changeobjects "$TextEditorVerticalScroll",-1

I wonder what else is being affected by the use of the “#” designations throughout the procedure.

This code hadn’t been properly updated from Panorama 6 to Panorama X. See, that can happen to me too. There were about a dozen lines that needed to be changed, it’s working now (or will be, in the next version).

It’s a bit unnerving that this bug has been around in widely available versions of Panorama X for seven years. This tells me that no one else has used this feature. I think Panorama has too many features.

Well, Panorama may have too many features but there are a lot of times when i find a feature I never knew existed and it completely saves my day!!!

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So Gary, how can a mere mortal like me change the SuperGetText procedure?

Make sure you have a backup copy of the application ready to install if things go wrong.

Begin by choosing Open View… from the View menu.

Make sure the +Libraries button is among those selected, and search for SuperGetText.

Double click its entry in the list to open the procedure.

Thank you Dave.

While you’re in there, here is the complete change list for the corrections I made yesterday. Red lines are removed, green lines are added.

Is the new line 366 correct, containing both # and $ ??

new line 367: value -1
new line 369: value 1

I am using “1” in both lines, it seems to work.

No, it isn’t.

Anything other than 0 should work, but I really meant for it to be postive 1.

I had a suspicion posting this here would show that I had made one or more mistakes. Guess I shouldn’t have hurried that correction at 12:37 AM, I was pretty tired. Thanks to both of you for the assist.