Screenflow 8 on sale (70% off) in Mac App Store

I normally wouldn’t mention other products on this forum, but I just found out about an amazing deal on the program I use to make all of the Panorama videos, Screenflow. If you have any need of creating screencasts, I highly recommend this program. They just released Screenflow 8 today, so apparently they are offering the $39 upgrade price to everyone on the Mac App Store for two days (it’s usually $129). There is no mention of this sale on their web site that I can see, but this offer is definitely on the MAS (I just bought it there, though I could have gotten the upgrade price anyway).

If you can hold on for a little while, the next release of macOS Mojave has this built in…

Sorry, I should have provided more detail. The value of Screenflow is in the powerful timeline based editing tools. If you just want to knock off a quick recording to send to a colleague, yes, you can do that right now for free and Mojave makes this even a bit easier. If you want to make a polished, edited, commercial quality video, with transitions, zooming in and out, callouts, etc, that’s where Screenflow shines. Screenflow is more than most users will need, but I know that there are a few members on this forum that might need/want to make production quality videos, so that’s why I thought I would mention it.

Here is an example of how I use Screenflow. This is “behind the scenes” of the *Panorama 6 to X Basics" video. You can see in the timeline at the bottom of the screen that there are dozens of video edits and special effects in this video, and the audio is edited also.

I’ve also used Screenflow to edit regular videos, since I don’t own Final Cut or Premier. It looks like Telestream is now promoting Screenflow for general video editing, which makes sense since it works well for that and there are probably a lot more potential users. I think perhaps it doesn’t have all of the features of Final Cut, but at $39 vs. $300 it does what I’ve needed so far, and I already know how to use it.

Anyway, I have no connection with Telestream, I simply thought this was a deal that a handful of you might be interested in.