Screen Refresh in a simple form

I am truly at my wits end as I transition to Pan X. Every time I crawl up the hill 1 foot I slide down 2 feet.

I have a very simple form. There is a Text Editor Object only on this form and I have a gettext statement to change the value of a Global Variable. Pretty simple stuff.

I run the procedure and put in a new value.

The form does not display the new value. If I close the form and reopen it the changed value is there.

I must be really doing something wrong here and have lost hours on this.

Of course I am only doing this to get my Pan 6 databases into Pan X. Panorama is probably my most used software. I use it for dozens of tasks.

Here is the procedure:

Fileglobal Variable
gettext “What is the text?”,Variable

This is incredibly basic. What am I doing wrong? Absolutely trivial in Pan 6.

I also noticed if after I click the OK button when the data is entered there of course is no change but it I hit the enter button twice the variable changes.

Also wen the Gettext window comes up (as part of my procedure) to put in the value I need to actually click the data entry area, it does not by default get the cursor into the box where you type in the data.

Any ideas? Likely something to do with all the options for the Text Editor Object for Pan X. I guess in transitioning from Panorama 6 the look/feel of the Text Editor Object is not the same.

Many thanks.

George Beauchemin

Put in “showvariables Variable”
before the Showpage command?

also not sure why you have endnoshow without a noshow…

You need to add a showvariables statement with you variable name after the gettext statement.

This is a known bug introduced by Apple and is fixed in the next 10.2 Panorama X version.

Thank you all for your help. I wasted hours on this. I should have called in the Calvary earlier.

Much appreciated.

See some of you next week when the course starts.