Screen Flashing when going into our out of graphics mode

I have a database in which some windows flash black and white when going into or out of graphics mode. Very annoying, although I haven’t seen any actual problems associated with that. Any ideas of what is causing this and, more importantly, how to stop it?


I’ve never seen that. If you make the window bigger in data mode, so that it doesn’t have to zoom, does it still do this? It looks to me like the flashing is happening as it zooms, and there’s no explicit Panorama code running in that situation (though Apple’s code could be calling Panorama’s code).

P.S. I like your desktop image.

The desktop is a photo of a painting by the Canadian artist Lawren Harris, who, by the way, was a favorite of Steve Martin. All of his paintings are very striking.

I might as well make a shameless plug for my son’s art which you can see at

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Wow!!! His work is fantastic.

Thanks for the nice comment…I’ll pass it on to him.

Wow – fantastic doesn’t cover it. He is a genius! All of his work is stunning – the paintings, sketches, plain photographs, edited photographs. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the music yet, but based on the rest, I’ll bet that is good also.

Don’t know if I want to pass that one along, he might become insufferable. I’m hoping he can find an agent or get his work into a gallery and start turning his talent into a reliable income. The starving artist life is not something to be embraced.

Oh, with that quality and quantity of work I was assuming it was being sold in galleries for high prices. Sorry to hear that isn’t the case. Obviously a huge amount of time has gone into the work.