Scaling in Page Setup not working

In frustration over the league schedule that had the matrix in view-as-list, I reconverted to Panorama X, and it seems to be working much better. However, there is one form that is supposed to print at a smaller size, so it will fit on a single page. So I select Page Setup…, as I did in Panorama 6, and another window of the same database shows up, which causes me to fear that Page Setup… will be for that window. However, changing the scale does nothing on any of the windows, as far as I can tell. Except that now it seems to cause Panorama X to crash if I try to open that form.

These two bug issues cover what you are talking about, except for the crashing. I’ve never heard of that, and it seems weird because Panorama X is not storing any page setup information in or for individual forms.

The crashing may be from some of the other changes that I made, although they seem innocuous.

The page setup problem is worse. One of the strengths of a database versus a spreadsheet is the ability to view the data in different ways. Not being able to do that is a real limitation. I suppose that one could get around it by keeping the data in one database and having forms in separate files, but that is a lot of work, which is why I went to the trouble of setting up these schedules as databases, instead of the spreadsheets that I used once and never again.

Okay, I imported the database again, and just made the changes in the graphics, and it crashed on opening the saved file. It seems to result from unchecking Exact Pixel Alignment.

One thing that I know works right now is to use the printtopdf statement, which has options for scale, orientation, etc.

I will experiment with printtopdf, but that will take time.

I will also look into the crashing problem, but it is difficult to trace. It seems to be related to matrixes in view-as-list. I have made extremely minor changes that have led to crashing.

FYI, PrintToPDF is pretty simple, I wouldn’t think it would take more than a couple of minutes to try it.

If you just want to change the scale, something like this to print at 50%:

printopdf "Report.pdf","scale",0.5

Hi Jim,
It is a bummer for me to not print my report in landscape. I hope you can fix a future build to include that preference in my form.
I understand the “printtopdf” and it works just find except I would like it to print to the desktop. Any idea what I should add or can you give me a sample?

You need to include the path as well as the file name.

printtopdf "~/Desktop/Report.pdf","orientation","landscape"

Thank you so much.

Thanks Dave,
Actually this is better than I thought. I thought I would have to go to my desktop, find the file and open it in Acrobat and print. It automatically prints without me doing anything. Great!!
It prints my report in landscape mode.