Saving files as PNG

I’m having a hell of a time converting all my files to PanX. I’m bleary eyed with all the incompatabilites and rewrites. In any case, one problem I’m having is that under Pan 6 and now in Pan X I save records as PDF files (score sheets from car shows) and then I used to run an Auotomator workflow to batch convert the PDF files to PNG so they could be uploaded to a web site. Now under Mojave the Automator script no longer works (others have the same problem, apparently a bug).

Is there a way to save the form images as PNG or JPG and not as PDF? Baring that does anyone know of a good app that will batch convert PDF files in a folder to JPG or PNG?


Take a look at Graphic Converter

I think your needs can be easily accomplished with this program. Highly recommended.

Leo, I just tested it on my Mac under Mojave and made an Automator droplet that converts PDF files to PNG. Works perfectly. Try to rebuild that workflow. Maybe just some Automator elements have slightly changed.

Originally Automator worked perfectly, I just dropped the files and it converted them to PNG, no problems. Now lots of error messages. Is it possible I have an older version of Automator on my new MacBook pro with Mojave, it is version 2.9 Here is a screeen image of the workflow that used to work, you can see the errors. Yes, Graphic Converter does work but the automator workflow was so much more elegant!

I have been doing this lately with Preview, using the Export… function, which I think is the same as Save As…

I suspect that all you have to do is update the Automator action. Since it is only two items, that should be simple. But you might try it as a Print Service. That way, you print your report, and choose the action that you make, which I think would be merely the Change Type of Images.

An alternate solution is to use a shellscript using the sips command in a procedure to do the entire batch of all pdf files in your “ScoreSheets copy” folder on your desktop. Here is a script that should make a copy of all the pdf files currently in that folder as png files.

shellscript |||for i in /Users/leocerutti/Desktop/ScoreSheets\ copy/*.pdf; do sips -s format png "${i}" --out "${i%pdf}png"; done|||

To remove the original pdf files follow the above shellscript with this one using the rm command:

shellscript |||rm -r /Users/leocerutti/Desktop/ScoreSheets\ copy/*.pdf|||

Just in case the folder containing the pdfs is not always the same folder I have added the ability to choose the target folder before doing the conversions and removals.

local targetFolder
choosefolderdialog targetFolder
shellscript |||for i in |||+targetFolder+|||/*.pdf; do sips -s format png "${i}" --out "${i%pdf}png"; done|||
shellscript |||rm -r |||+targetFolder+|||/*.pdf|||

I tested this and it seems to work very fast and reliably.

Very cool, thanks. I still find it upsetting that the Automator workflow is broken.

What you need to make Automator work is to replace “Change Type of Images” to “Render PDF Pages as Images.” You can choose PNG there.

Leo, I wanted to thank you for this topic. I was inspired by it to do as I said. I made a Print Service in Automator using Render PDF Pages as Images and Open Images in Preview, and now I can make these conversions simply by printing. It has eliminated several steps in the process. I am using it for a Pages document, but of course, Print Services are available everywhere.