Saving changes on a database

I enter ‘Graphics Mode’, make some changes to button titles and a procedure, but when I return to ‘Data Mode’, the changes revert to the previous entries. How can I make changes and have them saved?

It sounds as though you have ‘Locked’ selected in the Measurements pane for the object in question on the form. That prevents any changes to the object (except programmatic changes), not just its measurements. Or at least you can attempt to make them but, as you have found, they will not be saved. Therefore deselect ‘Locked’, make any changes to the Measurements, Appearance, Text, Formula, Procedure or Special Object Properties tabs, then reselect it.

I tend to keep all objects locked until I need to change something, because it so easy to move them inadvertently, and this has caught me out many times. It would be more logical for the ‘Locked’ switch to appear at the top of all six object-specific tabs, not just Measurements.

Thanks for this info. However, nothing is locked. So, I’m still wondering how I can make changes to a button title and procedure which will remain when I return to data mode.

Other than Peter’s suggestion, I can’t find any way to duplicate your symptoms. I thought maybe I could make it happen if I returned to data mode without pushing the apply button on the procedure, but the changes still happened.

I don’t think anyone can tell you how to solve your problem, until we can figure out how to duplicate it.

While it shouldn’t be necessary, you could probably work around it by deleting the button, and replacing it with a new one with the title and procedure you want.

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In general, you need to press enter after making changes. Did you do this?

That did the trick. I simply had not pressed ‘enter’ after making the changes. Thank you for solving this issue for me.

I’m glad it’s now working for you, but I’m puzzled. In general, pressing Enter should not be necessary. For example, I just changed a button title and then switched to Data mode and the button title changed correctly. I did NOT press Enter.

Jim, If you’re puzzled, we’re all in trouble. I’m just glad it works. Thanks for taking the time to check this out for me. Much appreciated!