Saving and security concerns

I have a client who is converting to Pan X. He had the permissions on his files set to read only for others in the sharing system preference. He said that, using Panorama 6, he could change records, but others who connected to the files on his computer could only see and manipulate the data, but not make changes. In Panorama X, this does not work. His employees can open the files by connecting to his computers, make changes and they are saved, however, they also get a message that they can’t revert to saved versions because that info is not kept on their computer. I get that.

I can’t find any information on this topic in Help. Is there a way to control who can make changes in the data sheet?

Doh, I answered this question myself a while ago. We need to use the Managed Account Roles. Has anybody tested this?

This also brings up another issue. The client’s employee couldn’t log on on his computer. He kept getting an error of “wrong email address or password” even though it was correct. The owner could log on with the same information.

No matter how much you think you know, you will still get asked questions you can’t answer.