Saving a Permanent Variable to the Server

In a shared database, one can manually save and share the value of permanent variables using the Database Options/New Generation Dialog. But it would be useful in some situation to be able to do this programmatically with the need for user intervention. I have not been able to find any statements that do this, but I suspect there may be some undocumented ones. After all, some code is doing just that when saving a New Generation. Does anyone know how this can be done?

I’m afraid there isn’t. There is a whole bunch of complicated code that is associated with the Database Options dialog. That code is not separated out into a separate statement that would allow a new generation to be automated from a user procedure. Because the new generation process is so complicated, and has so many options and possible outcomes to handle, building, documenting and testing a statement like that would be a very considerable project.

If you find yourself needing to do this specifically in the case of permanent variables, have you considered using server variables? They are designed for the purpose of sharing values between users.

Got it. The server variable option will probably be the best solution for what I am working on.