savePath error in Server Administration

After selecting a destination and clicking on the Download icon, I get a high percentage of errors that savePath does not exists. Another try or two and it works. Then on another file it may fail again.

Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 12.28.22 PM

Is savePath a field or a variable? If it’s a variable, maybe there’s a scope issue. Like it doesn’t exist until some other event (that defines it; gives it birth) occurs.

Just a guess.

Since it’s a process run within Server Administration, there’s no likelihood at all that it’s a field. I’ve not searched the Panorama libraries for the variable. Simply reporting the minor bug.

Clicking on this button triggers the HOSTDOWNLOAD statement, which is part of _EnterpriseClientLib. This procedure uses a local variable named savePath. The savePath variable is created right at the start of the procedure, then used several times. I don’t see any way it would be used without first being defined.

The HOSTDOWNLOAD statement also calls DOWNLOADDATABASEFROMSERVER, also in the same library. This also has a (different) local variable named savePath. Again, it is definitely initialized before it is used. So I have no idea why this error message is appearing.

One thing you could try would be to enable the Advanced Error Dialog. This should give more detail about where the error is occurring.

You could also enable the instrumentation log for HOSTDOWNLOAD and DOWNLOADDATABASEFROMSERVER - there are a lot of zlog statements in those procedures so that might show useful information.