Save Statement in PanX vs Pan6

In Panorama 6 I could assign a command-S to a procedure which could include statements in addition to the Save statement. I can’t see how to do that in PanX. Am I missing something or is Command-S in PanX reserved only for saving the file and nothing else?

You can assign key combinations in the Properties panel of the procedure. I am not sure if you can (or should) use combinations in use by the system.

The problem is what to do if there are two menu commands with the same Command Key equivalent. In older versions of Mac OS, the system would start from the rightmost menu and work its way to the left. So a command key equivalent in the Action menu could override one in the File menu, which it appears is what you’ve done in the past.

In OS X/macOS, the system starts from the leftmost menu and works its way to the right. So it’s not possible for an Action menu item to override a command in the File menu. There is nothing Panorama can do about that, that is simply how the system works.

Panorama X does allow you full control over the entire menu bar. So you can completely override the Save command in the File menu, so that not only would Command-S perform extra code but this would also happen if you selected Save from the menu. If you want to attempt that, I would recommend that you check out the Menus video. It’s not a free video but I think worth it for this (and I think maybe you already have purchased the entire course?) If you watch all the way to the end, you can use the arrayhack( technique to override just one menu item without having to rewrite code for the entire menu.

In the essence of time, I will follow the new Mac OS system requirements. Jim, I always appreciate your thoughtful response to my questions, and I thank others with similar responses to questions. Thank you for your hard work. On this side we are working diligently with PanX to be ready when the server software is released. We hope and pray for your safety and health.