Save -- automatic vs manual

It seems like Pan X will save automatically. but not for graphics – but I am not sure. It would be wonderful to take SAVE out of the procedures – it’s be so much faster that way.

Panorama auto-saves any undo-able change. This includes changes to data, graphics and procedures.

Your procedures are usually not undo-able (but see below), so you may still need to include save statements. However, I’ve often seen this overdone.

You can make your procedure code undo-able with the startdatabasechange statement. Then you won’t need save - and even better, you’ll be able to undo your procedures! Note that this only works within a single database, you cannot do this if your procedure crosses between multiple databases.

Thank you! Panorama continues to amaze me. I am far from a power-user yet can get results that are uncompromised. Does the startdatabasechange statement go in the Initial Windows box? OR Does is it at the top of each procedure? OR Somewhere else?

Thank you, Dave.

It goes in any procedure you might want to undo, at a point where the state of the database will be the one you want to revert to when you undo, or in a state that you want to be autosaved.

Thank you, Dave.

This is correct.

This is not accurate. Basically, this tells the system that the file is about to be modified, so it will need to be saved in the future. But the save doesn’t happen right away, but after a bit of a delay. So your procedure will look something like this:

startdatabasechange "modification options"
will be
auto-saved soon

The actual save operation will happen sometime later, when Panorama isn’t busy doing something else.

Be sure you pick the right modification options for the changes you are planning to make. If you use the wrong options, undo will not work correctly. However, auto-save will work fine even if you pick the wrong options.