Runningtotal does not work like in Panorama 6

In Panorama 6, runningtotal starts from 0 again after a summary record and adds the totals in the summary records hierarchical from the 1st level to the top.

In PanoramaX, runningtotal keeps adding numbers as if the summary records don’t matter.

Can this be fixed or is there a different way to get the Panorama 6 results?

Actually, it treats the summaries as if they were data records. If there is a current value in the summary, it gets added into the total. That has to be a bug.

I’ve added a bug report.

However, the Panorama 6 behavior you are describing was never documented. What running total does with summary records when using running total was never specified, and this statement was never intended to be used with summary records. So this will be a very low priority item on the bug fix release.

Out of curiosity, what is the application where the behavior of Panorama 6 was useful to you?

Hi Jim,

Imagine a checkbook database with multiple bank accounts. A procedure first does groupup by bank account, then sortup by date, then sets balance to credit - debit, and finally executes runningtotal on the balance

In Panorama 6, the balance for each bank account matches the actual balance in the bank statements but in Panorama X the balance is meaningless because it keeps adding up the numbers across the different bank accounts.

A cumbersome alternative is to write a procedure to do this operation for each bank account one at a time by selecting that bank account but then the procedure needs to be adapted each time a new bank account is added + it gets more complicated if you have different accounts at each bank (like savings, checking, investments, …).

I have 42 years of data in Panorama 6, one file per year and this has worked consistently since I started with OverVUE in 1984.

Hope this helps,