Running Panorama 6 with Parallels

I couple of years ago, I was set up on my MacBook Pro (running Catalina) with Parallels 17 so I could use Panorama 6 and Inview 6.0.2. It’s worked well up until now.

I need to upgrade to OS Ventura in order to use some of my Adobe apps, though. I could install that OS on a separate external SSD so I can just choose which boot drive to launch from, but I’d lose the simplicity of just launching Parallels from my dock. The other option would be to upgrade the OS on the laptop’s hard drive, but I’d need to make sure Parallels would continue to point to Mountain Lion.

Has anyone upgraded to the current version of Parallels and had success running an older version of Mac Os like Mountain Lion?

I’m not at all current on Parallels, having abandoned it when a Mac OS upgrade disabled its ability to run older Mac OS’s. I don’t recall now what that OS version was. If they’ve fixed the issue in the meantime, I don’t know about it.

The solution you’ve noted with a boot drive is certainly viable. Or consider using an older Mac that can still run El Capitan or Sierra. Refurbished Macs are available at fairly low prices and can be run far into the future.

Just to make a note that ProVUE doesn’t guarantee that it will be possible to activate Panorama 6 “far into the future”. At some point we will update the server to a version of macOS that will not run Panorama 6. Once that happens, it will no longer be possible to activate Panorama 6. This might be something that happens at any time. I’ve mentioned this before, so consider yourself warned. When it actually happens there will probably be only limited specific warning.

Has this happened already. I’m having trouble activating a Pan 6 copy. This is the response that I’m getting:

Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 11.09.40 AM

Serial number is entered correctly, and I tried with multiple serials.
I’m trying to setup an old mac with Pan 6, to continue using those databases that I haven’t had a chance to convert to PanX.

No, it hasn’t happened already. However, the Panorama 6 Server on did hang. I have relaunched it, so you should be able to proceed with your activation now.

The activation problem has been fixed. Thank you!

Thanks for the reply, Jim. Much appreciated.

I purchased a 2014 Mac Mini with Sierra installed on it and just fired it up. However I’m having an issue getting Inview to work correctly. Both my wife and I had versions of Panorama and Inview. Jeff set me up on Parallels with Panorama in my wife’s Inview folder, no Panorama in mine. Her files are opening perfectly on the Mac Mini, but when I try to launch mine (either with Panorama already open, or it opening on its own when I click on my Contacts), I get a message saying that "The “Flow Chart” does not appear to be in the folder! Your preferences cannot be determined. As well, there is a window with the name “New Database Wizard” with a number of icons from left to right. Favorites, Choose Import File, Import from Clipboard, etc.

Is there something I need to do to make things work correctly? Thank you for any help you can provide!

Oh, I forgot to mention that the Flow Chart is in my folder.

Allen, though you might work through your current speed bump, down the road you may have more issues than getting a Windows version of a Panorama database to launch via Parallels. Recall that on launch, Panorama checks a Pan6 server via the internet. Jim has mentioned, many times, that the demise of that server is imminent.

So, even if on the Mac side, you have a copy of Pan6 running on a computer with High Sierra OS, there will come a time …

How long do you anticipate using Pan6?

Also, I picked up Parallels once - anticipating getting rid of all my vintage PC’s. But, turns out, I’d have to buy a Windows OS license. That license would cost way more than just getting an older second hand PC (there are plenty around), for the software I still had to run under Windows.


I don’t think Panorama 6 checks in with the server every time you launch. I believe that server is only used to register the software. Once you register it, you can use it until you move it to another computer, crash your hard drive or some other action that would require you to register it again.

The problem sounds like it’s in the Panorama 6 Preferences. In the General Preferences there was an option for what double-clicking Panorama in the Finder would do. It needs to be set to Nothing. Otherwise when Panorama launches, it opens something else, such as the New Database Wizard, short-circuiting the startup of other files.

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Thank you, Jim. The program is installed on the dedicated MacMini now, and working well. It’s amazing to think back to stopping by the house on Federal Boulevard to get help in the early days of Inview. It’s still a fantastic program for what it does all these years later, so hats off to you and Jim Rea for a great product. Happy New Year!

It was a good run for (incredibly) 30 years and we picked up thousands of users worldwide; even in Russia and China. Digital ultimately did us in by diminishing the number of professional photographers able to peak a living. The shrinking market made the effort of converting to Panorama X unreasonable.

It was pleasing to me that so many friends, like you, became customers. And that so many customers became friends. And it amazes me that so many copies are still in regular use. Not a week goes by in which I don’t get at least one inquiry for support - which I politely and necessarily decline.