Rundialog multiple text edit objects

By default, it appears that “tabbing” between text edit objects is not supported via the run dialog statement.

IOW, hitting “tab” just toggles between enabling and disabling the focus ring around a single text edit object.

If I add “resume {}” to each text edit object (There are currently 7 in the dialog form), tabbing kinda-sorta works. It reverts to the “toggle” action once it gets to the last text edit object … rather than “looping” back to the first one.

Is there something obvious I’m overlooking, or is this the current state of run dialog and text edit objects?


– Mark

Text editor tabbing certainly works in dialogs. I don’t think you want resume {} as your procedure. Did you confirm the settings for each text editor: Termination Keys and Tab options?
I earlier posted some diagrams that might help understand more about rundialog. Maybe they would be useful to you:

Hi Tom,

Thank for your response.

Yes, I have each text editor object terminating with Tab or Return. And they all have “Include in tab cycle” checked.

(And, I found you diagrams – well done. I had actually already done my own logging of the steps, but your diagram confirmed my findings. :slight_smile: . Thanks!)

In the past, if I remember correctly, I have deleted text editor objects and recreated them and sometimes that fixes issues.

Yes, it definitely does work. And Panorama does that on it’s own, you don’t supply any code to do that. In fact, if you do attach code to a text editor object, you have to be careful not to use the field statement, which interferes with tabbing. If you do want to customize the tab order, this help page explains how to do that.

Tabbing is not part of rundialog, it is innate to Panorama. In other words, it is implemented in the Objective-C code.

I think I know what is happening. The default tab order for a new form is Natural, where Panorama automatically figures out the order from top left to bottom right. But there are two other options, Data Sheet and Back to Front. If you switch the option to Data Sheet order, and then put on a bunch of Text Editor objects associated with variables, you’ll get exactly what you describe. Since variables aren’t part of the data sheet, Panorama doesn’t know how to tab between them. Just switch back to Natural order and I think tabs will start working perfectly for you.