Rundialog ignores timeout option and more…

I can’t seem to get a dialog window to respond to the timeout option using the rundialog scheme. Nothing closes after the allotted time out value in either a normal or sheet dialog. Also, with an “OK” button set as default, the dialog will not close with an Enter or Return keystroke so the button itself must be clicked to close. The button has only resume {} in the code panel and the rundialog code is:

    rundialog |||
        Form="Alert Tests"
        Height=216 Width=324
    stoploopif info("trigger")="Dialog.Close"

I tried a superalert and the timeout option has no effect there either. Enter and Return keystrokes are also ignored for the default buttonl.

I ran the dialog code on an Intel Mac with b26 (4044) installed and the timeout worked as intended. Bur the dialog does not close with the Return or Enter key.

I haven’t got the the timeout option to work with b26 on my M1 iMac 12.4 or with b25 on my old MacBook Pro in Catalina. The timeout problem isn’t as important to me as having the default button react to the Enter/Return keystroke. Thanks for the feedback.