Round Down Function

Hello Pan X Users!

Pan X does not seem to have a round down function (i.e., “rounddown(” in Excel), so I wrote the following substitute, which rounds down to the nearest ones place.

local Answer


Where “XX” is the number, number field, or mathematical equation in question.

I am posting this because: 1) this code might be useful to others (or at least, this discussion), and 2) to find out if there is a better way to round down, and 3) respectfully request rounddown, and roundup functions in future Pan X versions.

All the best,


Check out the int(, fix( , and ceil( functions.

The round( function itself is a custom function with the formula


You could use similar formulas if you want to round to the lesser or greater step.

The fix( function replaces my equation above (for rounding down to the nearest ones place). Thank you!

Also, I found that int(number+0.999) is a simple substitute for a roundup function (round up to the nearest integer).

Or you could use ceil(number)

Perfect. Thanks again.