Rotating Text Display Objects

Has the ability to Rotate a Text Display Object been added?

Issue #196 is still listed as On Hold.

I had the same question, but after seeing the reply… I did a screen shot of my typed statement and used Preview to rotate my text left, then pasted the rotated static image on my form. My form uses a rectangle shaped object (color BABABA) as the background and my text display object color is 0000ED - I have a procedure attached to the static image - this worked fine for me

@dnorwood Your solution is possible for fixed text, but I’m sure there are situations where people want to rotate dynamic text, for example display rotated text from a field or variable.

That is correct Jim, I was hoping to show rotated text and rotated images from 5000 records.

Just checking on the status of the possibility of rotating text and image display objects?

I see the concept was put on hold a while ago - any chance it is still being considered?

It’s definitely still on the list.