Right statement Not Working

I am using Panorama X 10.2 b26 build 4060 with macOS Monterey 12.5.

Today I noticed that suddenly the right (and left) statement in a procedure doesn’t work anymore.

In the meantime I found a better way to go to the second visible column, but I thought I better report it.

I cannot duplicate this – the right statement works fine for me.

Jim, I have to add a bit more information about my database.

The first field “Name” is always visible, then there are 11 data and calculation fields following per matchday (as line items for match days 1 - 34); finally an always visible field “PTotal” follows.

So on this matchday 2 the following fields are visible:
Name, Tipps2, Resultat2, Auswertung2, Stat2, Pkt2, Bonus2, Sum2, Pos2, GPkt2, GPos2, Entw2, PTotal.

My procedure did work this way: With firstcolumn I went to the field “Name”, then with right to the field Tipps2 (to pick the number of the match day).
The right statement to go to the next visible column had been working for more than one Bundesliga season.

I can confirm: When all field are visible, the right statement is still working as expected indeed. But the new fact I noticed today is that when the line item columns of matchday 1 are hidden, the right statement does not work for me any more. The active field remains in the first column.

Today I had to change my code to the (more elegant) method

field array(info("visiblefields"),2,cr()).

Ok. This code was changed in b26 to fix another problem, as so often happens, fixing one problem apparently caused another problem.