Rich Text Paragraph Character?

What is the character for a paragraph when using rich text? Is it cr()? 2 cr()'s?

In regard to whitespace, rich text works just like regular text, and a single carriage return starts a new line. In this regard, Panorama’s rich text feature is quite unlike HTML, which mostly ignores whitespace and requires special tags for starting paragraphs.

So how does it distinguish between a simple return for a new line versus a new paragraph?

There is no difference between a new line versus a new paragraph. Rich text wraps until there is a carriage return, just like plain text.

I just checked to see if I should update the documentation about line breaks/paragraph breaks in rich text, and it turns out that the documentation already covers this. Look for the section RTML vs. HTML in the Rich Text page.

Hi Jim,

I read that section at least a dozen times. Actually I have read, and re-read most of the documentation but I find with me the most obvious things go in one eye and out the other. :slight_smile: What inspired the question was that I was trying to add an extra small space after a header and before the body and then again after the body and before the next section. I tried all of tags multiple times in multiple combinations, so much so that I decided to ask the question.

Thanks Jim, you can tell I am loving PanX by the hours used. :slight_smile: